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Business Rules & Decisions Forum | Achieving True Business Agility

Why IT Professionals Should Attend the Business Rules & Decisions Forum ...

Who ...

  • IT Planners

  • IT Architects

  • Development Managers

  • Application Architects

  • Application Designers

  • Software Developers

  • Legacy Transformation Architects

  • Technology Architects

  • Consultants

Business rule and decision management technology is a must-know part of every IT professional's toolkit. Want to learn more about this exciting technology? Want to find out how it can best fit in your company's architecture? Interested in developing robust decision services? The Forum is where real innovation for business computing is happening today!

Learn how you can ...

  • Develop and deploy high performing and scalable decision services quickly, handling millions of transactions with no downtime

  • Build systems that capture, maintain and re-use business rules across platforms, channels and organizations

  • Empower business users to monitor and change business logic dynamically and safely through easy-to-use user interfaces

  • Respond to new requirements from business units faster, using fewer IT resources and taking maximum advantage of previous investments

  • Stay on top of related standards

Find out from the real-life experiences of others about ...

  • Automating decisions effectively

  • Coordinating re-use and deployment of business rules

  • Reducing dramatically the burden of routine maintenance

  • Adding agility to application and enterprise architectures

  • Gaining 10x improvement in elapsed time and ROI from development

  • Renovating and extending the economic life of legacy applications

  • Giving business users more control over their systems, services and interactions

  • Enabling collaborative business rule development and policy improvement

  • Avoiding ‘brain-dead’ process automation

Exciting New Trends & Opportunities for Rules Technology ...

Business rules and decision management can be described as ‘opening up the code and seeing what it really does for the business." Come to the Forum and find out about all the latest trends and opportunities. You owe it to yourself and to your business!

Analysis and Design ...

  • Using business rules and decisions to enhance modularity

  • How business rules and decisions fit with processes

  • Handling exceptions, grandfathering, and incomplete information

  • Achieving consistency, completeness and coherence in business logic

  • Using decision tables, decision trees and other visualization techniques

  • Self-documenting decision services

  • Built-in compliance

Impact Assessment ...

  • White-boxing your company's business logic

  • Simulating business policy changes and alternative scenarios

  • Doing retrospectives—what business rules were in place at a point in time, and would a different set have worked better

  • How to phase-in new business rules and decisions effectively

  • Identifying hotspots and unexpected policy side-effects

Professional Issues ...

  • Radical business agility

  • Bringing down the cost of 'maintenance'

  • Achieving cross-platform and cross-channel consistency in business logic

  • Organizing collaborative business rule and decision projects

  • Leveraging Big Data with business rules

  • Using business rule and decision repositories

Technical Capabilities ...

  • Using rule technology to resolve silo issues

  • Event coordination and correlation (CEP)

  • Real-time logic traces

  • Automated pattern matching

  • Isolating business rules and decisions from interfaces and components

  • Supporting in internet, back-office, and legacy applications

Industry ...

  • SOA and business rules and decision management technology

  • Open source—the future?

  • Who the market leaders are and where they are going

  • Event-driven architectures

  • Business rule and policy analysis tools

  • Standards—what's here now and what’s coming?

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