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Why You Should Be Using Business Rules Today ...

Change Is The Only Constant

Your enterprise undergoes change all the time—and faster every day. Like entering into new markets. Introducing new products. Complying with new regulations. Making new agreements with customers and suppliers. Changing business direction through mergers, acquisitions, alliances and divestitures. Are your systems and procedures keeping up?

A Business Rule Application is an agile application; one deliberately architected for continuous change in decision logic. Even better, a Business Rule Application gives the control of business rules back to the business.

What Business Rules Are

Business Rules represent your core business policies and decision logic. They control or shape business behavior and decisions. They indicate what is possible or desirable in running your business—and what is not! They are the captured essence of business know-how.

Business Rules Must Be Harvested And Managed!

In the vast majority of organizations today, most business rules are locked away in legacy systems, user manuals—or in the heads of a few key workers. It's a challenge simply tracking them down. The good news is that once you harvest and manage the rules you can then re-deploy them far more rapidly and effectively than most professionals have ever imagined. Business rule management is the key.

Business Rules are Happening Now!

If you want to improve your business processes—make them smart—you must adopt architectures and tools to keep your decision logic right at your fingertips. That's true no matter whether you are developing state-of-the-art Web apps—or simply trying to get your business people and IT staff talking to each other more effectively. Business Rules are the practical solution to solve a whole host of challenges facing businesses today.

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