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About Decision Management

The world is changing fast. With the growth of eCommerce, self-service, and outsourcing your business needs to change fast too. You need smarter systems to drive your operations effectively through this new business landscape. Decision Management delivers the solutions you need.

What Decision Management Is

Decision Management is an approach for automating and improving high-volume operational decisions. Decision Management ...

  • Develops decision services using business rules to automate decisions.

  • Adds analytic insight to these services using predictive analytics.

  • Allows for the ongoing improvement of decision-making through adaptive control and optimization.

Operational Decisions Are Important

Peter Drucker said, "Most discussions of decision-making assume that only senior executives make decisions or that only senior executives' decisions matter. This is a dangerous mistake". Your front-line workers and information systems interact directly with your customers, making crucial decisions about how they are treated.

How Well Can Your Business Cope?

  • Are your business processes bogged down by inefficient decision-making?

  • Is it difficult to make and deploy decisions into your business activities on a timely and reliable basis?

  • Do you find that your decisions are not always aligned with customer requirements and/or your business objectives?

  • Are you paying too high a price for poor day-to-day decision-making?

  • Are you afraid of losing the knowledge needed to make optimal choices?

  • Is your investment in data warehouses and business intelligence yielding diminishing returns?

Decision Management is all about making decisions—the right decisions at the right times and in the right ways for both your customers and your business.

Decision Management is Happening Now

Decision Management concepts and technologies are widely available and proven in many domains. Now is the ideal time to adopt it more broadly.

  • The increasing sophistication of business rules technology, analytic modeling techniques, optimization, and simulation mean more decisions can be automated.

  • The adoption of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) makes it easier to "plug-in" automated decision services.

  • Organizations have more data (increasingly Big Data) and understand it better than ever before thanks to years of investment in enterprise applications, data warehouses, and BI.

Rejuvenating your company's decision capabilities requires the right approach and the right technology. All the pieces are in place. Companies are already differentiating themselves from competitors using Decision Management.

Decision Management Enables Your Decisions To Be ...

  • Auditable

  • Transparent

  • Business-Driven

  • Re-Usable

  • Reliable

  • Adaptable

  • Flexible

  • Manageable

What You Can Achieve With Decision Management ...

  • Scalable, customer-oriented service

  • A new level of operational performance and value creation

  • More effective business processes

  • Dynamic decision processing

  • Competitive advantage

  • A new approach to business management

  • Rapid-fire deployment of new product/services

  • A scalable means to manage complexity

  • A solution for the programming bottleneck

Learn How To ...

  • Organize complex decision-making and automate decisions

  • Ensure your decisions are consistent, fact-based and objective

  • Align decisions with both your customers' needs and your company's objectives for revenue/profit

  • Achieve the optimal trade-offs between customer requirements and resource constraints

  • Remove the inefficiency and risk in your decision tasks

  • Put your data resources to work for you in new and highly productive ways

  • Achieve round-trip decisions

  • Reduce or eliminate IT involvement with routine changes for policy-based decisions

  • Manage exceptions more effectively

  • Put decisions on your company's strategic business agenda

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