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Business Rules & Decisions Forum | Achieving True Business Agility

Why Business People Should Attend the Business Rules & Decisions Forum ...

Who ...

  • Subject Matter Experts

  • Process Owners and Stewards

  • Product/Service Decision-Makers

  • Project Participants

  • Compliance Workers

  • Auditors

  • Planners

The Business Rules & Decisions Forum conference features presenters who have applied business rules and decision management techniques in their own companies. These are not consultants or vendors—they are actual workers much like yourself willing to tell their own stories of success. The Forum is where business always comes first!

Learn how you can ...

  • Make a real difference on your project and in your company

  • Steer your company toward real business agilty

  • Participate directly and productively in the business requirements process

  • Establish the means to make direct changes to business logic

  • Create a more effective partnership with your IT counterparts

  • Free yourself from having to coordinate changes to business logic with IT's software release life cycle

  • Make your business processes smarter

  • Create effective compliance structures

Find out from the real-life experiences of others about ...

  • What business results can be achieved using business rules and decision management techniques

  • Which expectations are realistic and which are not

  • Where your company's current development approach may be broken

  • Why your knowledge and contributions are paramount

  • How your business capabilities can be transformed by technology

  • How work can be made more productive and rewarding

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