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Business Problems for which Business Rules, Decision Management and Related Technologies are Suited

Partial list ...

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    ... customer care, personalization, complaint management


    ... scheduling, routing, dispatching


    ... settlement, disbursements, allocation, billing, account management, credit worthiness, procurement, audit


    ... eligibility, configuration, inventory management, order management, certification, supply chain


    ... regulatory compliance, adjudication, reportability, scenario gaming

    Human Resources

    ... qualification, task matching, union restrictions


    ... resource optimization, supervision and control, workflow scheduling and management


    ... customer base segmentation, supply chain, brand management, loyalty programs, closed loop

    Marketplaces and Trading Exchanges

    ... bids and offers, trades, reconciliation


    ... business intelligence, trending, capacity planning, risk assessment, production scheduling, optimization


    ... pricing, discount schemes, contextual product packaging, incentive programs, repeat business, campaigning, cross-selling, lead qualification, consultative sales


    ... monitoring, alerts, risk profiling, detection, privacy breach

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