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Business Rules & Decisions Forum | Achieving True Business Agility

Empowering Executives ...

The Business Rules & Decisions Forum conference uniquely empowers executives in a rapidly changing world. Business rules and decisions ...

  • Produce automated systems are precise, consistent and agile.

  • Enables the right actions and decisions to be taken at every level in the organization while remaining firmly under business control.

Top-to-Bottom Alignment

Many organizations are challenged to keep their operational execution—the way front-line staff operates and the way self-service applications behave - synchronized with their strategic plans. A Harvard Business Review study recently found that 95 percent of employees do not understand their organization's strategy. Business rules and decision management …

  • Generate real strategic alignment, top to bottom.

  • Ensures that strategy is driven down into every operational action and decision.

  • Provides a framework for applying data-driven insight at every level.


In a rapidly changing world, agility is a must for organizations. Executives rely on real-time data and analysis to see what is happening and track performance at an ever more fine-grained level. Yet reducing the time it takes to see and understand a problem is only one part of being agile—the time it takes to respond also matters. Business rules and decision management ...

  • Makes the guidance and policy applied by operational systems and processes easier to change.

  • Enables the business-side to take ownership.

Knowledge Retention

As older workers retire and the baby boomers move out of the workforce, companies are facing a massive loss of expertise and know-how. Using business rules and decisions to capture what these employees know and to embed it in the operational systems that drive your business ...

  • Retains this knowledge effectively.

  • Produces systems that can handle routine tasks for a new generation of workers.

Resource Scalability

As organizations grow and change, the ability to take on more customers, more business without having to hire more resources, is a critical success factor. Business rules and decisions management is a proven means to de-couple staffing from work load by enabling systems to be smart enough to pick up the slack. A business becomes truly scalable when ...

  • Workers can use their skills, not just handle transactions.

  • Systems can deliver straight-through processing for a high percentage of all transactions.

Implementing Risk Management

Many executives spend long hours developing risk management approaches and plans. Much analysis is done and many contracts are signed to handle sourcing risk, fraud risk, and much, much more. Yet study after study shows that these initiatives frequently fail to change behavior at the front line …

  • Unapproved products are still bought.

  • Loans that should have been rejected are made.

  • Background checks are not done properly.

Automation of these activities using business rules and decisions makes the implementation and management of these strategies real and practical.

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