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Focus On Business Events

About the Focus On Business Events

Events are simply things that happen. In day-to-day business activity, Business Events happen everywhere, all the time. Many are orderly and highly repetitive, but others can be difficult to detect or predict, or rare. How can you manage and exploit all these Business Events more effectively? How can you respond to Business Events instantaneously and selectively in a manner that scales and supports your business processes? What do you need to know about Business Events to do your job better?

Technology to manage Business Events, called complex event processing (CEP), is entering the IT mainstream, opening exciting new opportunities for building better business capabilities. Early adopters have already demonstrated impressive ROI in terms of productivity, early discovery, customer response, consistency, security, and more.

Hear what leading practitioners and engineers are saying about what is possible. Learn how others have achieved Business Event Management and talk with the leading vendors in the space. Participate in shaping breakthrough business innovation and refining the analysis techniques needed to exploit Business Events to their fullest.

  • The business benefits of managed Business Events

  • How Business Events support Business Rules and Decisions

  • What Business Events can do for Business Analysts

  • Business Processes – complementary or mutually exclusive?

  • Trends and forecasts for complex event processing (CEP)

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