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Industries That Have Applied Business Rules, Decision Management and Related Technologies Successfully

Partial list ...

    Banking, Credit, Financial Services, and Securities and Capital Markets

    ... portfolio management, investment planning, loan origination, online banking, defined benefits, pension management, anti-money laundering


    ... scheduling, certification, evaluation, scoring

    Entertainment and Gaming

    ... royalties, casting, distributions

    Government, Taxation, Regulation and Safety

    ... targeted inspections, entitlements, citizen empowerment, licensing

    Health Care

    ... benefit administration, care management, consumer-directed health

    Insurance and Underwriting

    ... customized plans, risk management, scoring, claims, fraud


    ... product configuration, warranty management, quality assurance, lab procedures


    ... promotions, advertising, scheduling


    ... buying trends, discount schemes, deals


    ... provisioning, smart packaging

    Transportation and Travel

    ... logistics, scheduling, load optimization


    ... resource allocation, consumption analysis, real-time markets

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