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Business Rules & Decisions Forum | Achieving True Business Agility

Why Practitioners Should Attend the Business Rules & Decisions Forum ...

Who ...

  • Business Analysts

  • Business Rule Specialists

  • Decision Modelers

  • Policy & Compliance Specialists

  • Business Architects

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Requirement Specialists

  • System Analysts & Designers

  • Consultants

In many ways you are unique. You sit at the nexus of business and IT. You understand the challenges your company faces in solving today's problems and building for the future. You know there is much to learn from your colleagues and their real-life experiences. The Forum is where professionals just like you come together to share and innovate.

Learn how you can ...

  • Harvest, analyze and implement business rules and decisions successfully

  • Communicate with business people and IT staff more effectively

  • Apply business rules and decision management technologies to support smarter, more agile business processes

  • Create concept models

  • Undertake decision analysis

  • Create decision models

  • Identify the make-or-break criteria for business rule and decision governance

Find out from the real-life experiences of others about ...

  • Using business rules and decision management most effectively

  • Improving the quality of requirements

  • Communicating more effectively with business people and IT professionals

  • Identifying ambiguities, conflicts and gaps in business policy and decision logic

  • Mining business logic from legacy code and other sources

  • Develop concept models

  • Coordinating business vocabulary

  • Organizing and implementing repositories for business rules and decisions

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