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For many, a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural imperative. But implementing SOA means understanding and implementing many diverse types of services. Decision Services are a unique type of service that automate and manage critical operational decisions. Only the Business Rules & Decisions Forum can help you understand how to identify, create and integrate effective Decision Services using proven business rules technology and approaches.


Business Process Management (BPM) delivers a focus on how work moves through your organization. Within any given business process are decisions, tasks which can represent as much as 90% of a process. Whether described in a policy document and implemented by people or automated through software, business rules express how these decisions are made. At the Business Rules & Decisions Forum, you will learn how to use business rules and a focus on decisions to simplify processes, increase agility and improve effectiveness.


The promise of Business Intelligence (BI) is increased understanding - understanding that leads to business improvement. But BI cannot change your operational systems. Business rules can take BI to the next level by automating decisions. Business rules based decisions add a new dynamic to operational data and can be used in your production environments to automate your enterprise in an agile, measureable way. The Business Rules & Decisions Forum will show how business rules can bring data-driven insight and policy-driven behavior together for better performance.

Legacy Migration

Between 20% and 60% of business applications are business logic and changes to this logic are regular, voluminous and essential. Legacy modernization or migration means taking this critical business logic and making it more manageable. When your logic is managed in a modern business rules based system, agility, transparency, and cost reduction all result. At the Business Rules & Decisions Forum you will learn how to use business rules to successfully modernize your legacy systems without putting your entire operation at risk.


Compliance is the assurance that the right organizational action has taken place. That the right person has made a decision that is consistent with policy or regulation and that the action can be audited. Core to any compliance initiative are critical policy or regulation-based decisions which must be compliant and yet agile to support changing business needs. Expressing regulations and policies as a set of business rules lets you have agile compliance. The Business Rules & Decisions Forum show you how.

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