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The Business Rules & Decisions Forum is one of the co-conferences within the hugely popular, industry-leading Building Business Capability (BBC) event. The Forum has provided a world-class showcase in the space since 1997.

Our Mission:

Provide an industry event to highlight innovations, products and services for managers and practitioners interested in:

  • Business policy and business rules

  • Decision management

  • Business process management (BPM)

  • Business analysis

  • Business architecture

  • Business strategy and transformation

  • Compliance and governance

Showcase Your Products:

We are pleased to provide you a selective, high-quality showcase for your company's products and services. Our attendees include key managers and decision-makers from leading organizations around the world.

The Place To Be:

If your company offers products targeted to these areas and wants to be seen as a player in the field, the Business Rules & Decisions Forum and BBC are a MUST ATTEND event.

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