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What People Are Saying About the Business Rules & Decisions Forum ...

For more than 10 years, the Business Rules & Decisions Forum has been the largest event in the world dedicated solely to rules, decisioning and related technologies. Not only is the Business Rules & Decisions Forum the biggest event in the world, it is also considered to be the most important event of its kind. But don't just take our word for it; here are some testimonials from past attendees ...

    "Great show and very informative sessions/speakers!"

    - Management & Program Analyst, Federal Taxation Agency

    "I learned a tremendous amount from the speakers and talking to other attendees"

    - Systems Analyst/Developer, International Pharmaceutical Organization

    "The tutorial and keynotes were excellent!"

    - Business Architecture, Telecommunications Corporation

    "I learned a lot about how to define business rules from the business perspective and the tools we have to execute them."

    - Lead Technical Analyst, Media Services

    "Very well organized, nice facility, convenient to have all food included."

    - Senior Analyst/Program Manager, Federal Tax Agency

    "The lack of speakers using their sessions as selling platforms for their services or tools was refreshing and different. I really enjoyed the openness."

    - Vice President, International Financial Institution

    "Conference was an eye-opener to all aspects of business rules."

    - Programmer/Analyst, Financial Institution

    "The session speakers were very informative about their business experiences with business rules."

    - VP Software Development, Financial Services Corporation

    "Good mix of theory and practice!"

    - Engineer & Chief Technical Strategist, Multinational Technology Services Firm

    "I found Gladys Lam's presentations to be the best of the Forum!"

    - Manager, National Financial Service Corporation

    "The most useful conference I've ever attended"

    - Project Manager, Major Government Agency

    "Format is excellent -- a mix of talks, booths and panels."

    - Manager Data Operations, International Pharmaceutical Firm

    "Very well organized!"

    - CIO, State Government Agency

    "I finally understand and feel enthusiastic about using business rules."

    - Developer, State University

    "If you are doing business rules, you can't afford not to be here."

    - VP Systems Development, Major Credit Card Company

    "Great collaborative spirit of veterans helping other veterans and novices to promote maturity of business rules."

    - Business Consultant, Nationwide Retailer

    "I learned so much and gathered enough material to be able to apply practices to our current approach to a business rules project."

    - Business Analyst, Major Retail Chain

    "The information provided in the sessions along with the session materials were very good."

    - VP Software Development, Financial Services Corporation

    "An excellent forum, providing insights in all facets around Business Rules and a platform to exchange ideas with the leaders in this area!"

    - Director, International Insurance Corporation

    "I've learned a lot about business rules and processes, the industry as a whole and the business rule customer."

    - Software Engineer, Professional Services Corporation

    "Networking opportunities are invaluable!"

    - IS Manager, Financial Services Company

    "One of the best Conferences I've been to"

    - Consultant, Multinational Consulting Firm

    "Very good Conference for people/entities just venturing into the business rules world!"

    - Business Systems Analyst, Financial Services Corporation

    "Came to Conference unsure and skeptical -- came away convinced this is the way to go!"

    - Program Director, Major Financial Institution

    "The Forum is the focal point for maturation of this exciting new community. Keep up the good work!"

    - ITS Director, Canadian Financial Institution

    "Liked the opportunity to see the vendor presentations and exhibits."

    - IT Manager, National Banking Corporation

    "Great group of support people to help deliver the Forum!"

    - Management & Program Analyst, Federal Taxation Agency

    "Excellent Conference! This experience has been very eye-opening and I'm very excited to be a part of the business rule community."

    - Technical Architect, International Aircraft Manufacturer

    "The Conference was great! Very well organized, good speakers and topics!"

    - Program Manager, Consulting Organization

    "A very informative Conference as well as an eye-opener!"

    - Vice President, Nationwide Insurance Corporation

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