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Business Rules & Decisions Forum | Achieving True Business Agility

What You Will Learn at the Business Rules & Decisions Forum ...

Business Rules are changing the face of business and opening altogether new and exciting areas of opportunity. Find out what Business Rules can do for your business!

Just a few of the areas you will hear about at the Forum ...

  • The value proposition for business rules

  • Moving beyond bottom-up Data Quality and Process Improvement strategies

  • Decision Management as competitive advantage

  • Single-sourcing changes to business logic across business, organizational and platform boundaries

  • Implementing agile applications with the flexibility to change as fast as your business rules change

  • Using business rules to address regulation—and deregulation—successfully

  • Ensuring auditability

  • Rapid business change—free of technical side effects

  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Programmer-less creation of business logic

  • Achieving real-time compliance, near-zero IT latency, and mass customization

  • Building smart processes

  • Evaluating and applying rule technologies

  • Achieving real success with IT projects

  • Real-life experiences and proven best practices

You will also hear about ...

  • The risks of hard-coded business logic

  • Preparing for the baby-boomer 'retirement cliff'

  • Real-time deployment of business logic

  • How to harvest rules—the right people, at the right times, in the right ways

  • The newest trends in IT requirements methodology

  • Maintaining stakeholder involvement

  • Pragmatic solutions for regulatory compliance

  • Making your business systems more adaptive

  • How to express and manage business rules most effectively

  • Organizing business rules and building business vocabularies

  • Make-or-break criteria for Business Rule Management

  • Deploying business logic to the web

  • Mining existing business rules from legacy code, and how to avoid the mistakes made by others

  • Practical guidelines, tips and techniques to keep you on the road to success

"Change rules on the business schedule, not the IT schedule!!"

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