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WCDT 2011 | Analyzing and Representing Business Decisions

Analyzing and Representing Business Decisions

October 31 - November 4, 2016- Las Vegas, NV

WCDT 2016 is part of the Business Rules & Decisions Forum, within the Building Business Capability (BBC) 2016 Conference

Congress Chairs: Jan Vanthienen and Ronald G. Ross

Here’s what’s happening ...

Large numbers of business rules are typically involved in making specific, situation-sensitive decisions in day-to-day business operation. A picture can be worth a thousand words in capturing, analyzing and representing these business rules. Think of decision tables as ‘pictures’ of decision logic based on intrinsic patterns, and think of decision hierarchies as a model to structure decisions in a top-down, incremental approach.

In effect, decision tables serve as spreadsheets for decision logic, with all their inherent advantages. Rather than merely list business rules, however, a decision table structures them helping you to avoid redundancies, inconsistencies, and missing cases. In short, decision tables provide a highly agile representation of decision logic and a proven tool for effective business analysis.

Decision tables can be used in a wide variety of applications: pricing, routing, problem diagnosis, configuration, assignment, selection, matching, etc. They are found in many different industry sectors: insurance, health care, taxation, regulation, credit scoring, social, retail, transportation, and more.

Background ...

Decision tables are not new. In fact, they are so natural they keep being reinvented. Far more real-world business experience and expertise with decision tables is available than many realize. WCDT brings you up to date on best practices and latest trends in the field.

Decision tables have a long history, older even than software engineering. More or less overshadowed by software engineering for many years, their advantages are now winning out, especially in addressing complexity and communicating more effectively with business people. Decision tables are a pragmatic, business-friendly representation of business rules that dramatically improves conciseness, completeness, and correctness. They are a key piece of the puzzle in building better business capabilities.

What you will learn ...

  • What the basic elements of decision tables are and how to best organize them

  • Which representations of decision tables work best when

  • New techniques for decision analysis and decision modeling

  • Best practices in modeling decision tables and decision hierarchies

  • Real-life case studies in business and government

  • Best practices

  • Tips and tricks

  • The importance of business vocabulary and semantics

  • Tools, implementations and standards

  • Proven ideas to you help work better with real business people in real business situations

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