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Unlocking the Power of Business Rules and Decisions ...

The Business Rules & Decisions Forum, the premier conference world-wide, offers you a unique opportunity to hear from real-world practitioners about what they have accomplished and how they did it. All the foremost thought-leaders in the field will be there. Find out how your organization can come to grips with rapid change, massive customization, and complex business logic in a truly scalable, traceable, manageable manner.

Your enterprise undergoes change all the time - and faster every day ...

  • Entering into new markets.

  • Introducing new products.

  • Complying with new regulations.

  • Making customized agreements with customers and suppliers.

  • Changing business direction through mergers, acquisitions, alliances, and divestitures.

Are you able to rapidly deploy new and revised business policy? Manage and evolve your operational business decisions effectively? Handle constant change in an economically sustainable way?

The Business Rules & Decisions Forum delivers the insights, technologies and techniques you need to create an agile organization, one in control of its business rules and decisions. Here's exactly what you need to meet today’s business challenges and achieve superior ROI.

quote Order-of-magnitude improvement in cost and elapsed time to deliver critical capability! quote

2nd World Congress on Data Tables (WCDT)

5th World Congress on Decision Tables (WCDT)

Decision tables are a key piece of the puzzle in building better business capability – often delivering huge ROI. They offer a powerful, business-friendly technique to represent decision logic, dramatically improving conciseness, completeness and correctness. Decision tables are a must-know for business analysts and other professionals.

The 7th World Congress on Decision Tables (WCDT 2016) is designed to deliver the latest expertise on using decision tables to analyze, represent and deploy decision logic.

Network with your peers in a great environment

Network with your peers in a great environment

The BRForum takes place as part of Building Business Capability (BBC), along with the Business Process Forum and Business Analysis Forum - bringing together an unsurpassed group of professionals tasked with building a more capable organization. Learn from your peers not only in the sessions but also informally at the many networking opportunities.

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What will the experience be like?

Building Better Business Capability

The Business Rules & Decisions Forum conference features:

  • Business Policy ... How to capture, express, validate and manage business rules.

  • Decision Management … How to model, organize and evolve decision logic.

  • Decision Tables … How to apply best practices and emerging standards effectively.

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Sponsor the Business Rules & Decisions Forum

Sponsor the Business Rules & Decisions Forum

Do your products and services help organizations support business policy, business rules, decision management, decision tables, or regulatory compliance? If so, the attendees at the Business Rules & Decisions Forum and the co-conferences of the Building Business Capability (BBC) event and expo want to meet you!

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What Attendees Said ...

“First timer! Wonderful event. I must have been living under a rock. True BA –head down, working- Passing a good conference up!” – Tina Howard

“I came here to experience moments of enlightenment and insight, and I had many during the first 3 days of the event and expect many more to come.” – Andrey Milchman, Manulite

“I needed this shot of enthusiasm to rekindle my fire. The networking is invaluable.” – Cathy Krist

“No other conference has the breadth and depth from Business Architecture to Business Process Management to Business Analysis tools. Second year is great.” – M.H.

“This event provided me a direct connection with the book writers who contributed to the discipline of BMP maturity in last 10 years. I am very happy to speak directly with these writers, hear the improvement of some concepts that I read about and be able to connect different view on BPM. This is my first time at BBC and for sure I will be in Las Vegas for BBC 2014.” – Mauricio Bitencourt

“Very thought provoking. Learned lots of techniques/ templates to assist our BA team!” – Kathy Peterson

“Great convention!! Touches on everything I’m doing at work. So much info here and in handouts. Highly recommended to all BA’s and BPA’s.” - Susan Gormley

“BBC showed me the ability to integrate the disciplines and create a network of knowledge, essential to destroy and build; evolve! Congrats to all speakers and organizers!” – Adriana Fernandez

“BBC was no trick! It is a treat… a treat to grow your intellectual prowess.  Thanks for continuing to seek content – just include practitioners perspective.” – Sue Block

 “Good conference. Great to talk to problems solvers from across the world. Like hearing practitioners’ stories! The lightning talks and birds of a feather were great additions.” – Kent McDonald

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