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IIBA® is the independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. As the voice of the BA community, IIBA® supports the recognition of the profession, and works to maintain standards for the practice and certification. Through a global network, IIBA connects over 29,000 individual members, 116 Chapters and 250 corporate members to advance the BA profession by uniting a community of professionals to create better business outcomes.

IIBA® has created A Guide to Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide), plus certification programs for the recognition of practitioners. For more information please visit today!

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iGrafx process management and analysis solutions empower organizations to achieve maximum performance. iGrafx captures and communicates the alignment of strategy, people, processes and technology, and unites the entire organization around delivering business value. iGrafx delivers strategic and operational decision support to enable our customers to become and remain world class competitors. For over 20 years, iGrafx products and services have been helping companies of all sizes across the globe manage their processes and optimize their business. For more information, please visit

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BPTrends Associates

BPTrends Associates ( is an affiliate of was founded in 2002 and is the most comprehensive, in-depth business process management resource available. Industry thought leaders provide analysis and opinion on trends, directions and best practices relating to all aspects of business process management. All publications are archived, available and searchable by topic. With over 20,000 members world-wide, is the largest community of BPM professionals in the world. Membership is FREE.

Business Rule Solutions, LLC

Business Rule Solutions, LLC (BRS) is the international leader in business analysis, business rule, and decision engineering techniques. BRS provides training, consulting and mentoring grounded in the business connection and focused on each company’s rich operational business know-how, its core intellectual property (IP). The BRS methodology, IPSpeak, provides a structured approach to capture what makes your company smart (business strategy, business concepts, business rules, business decisions, and key performance indicators), develop world-class requirements from it, and achieve a winning, durable business solution. We can show you how to engage business stakeholders proactively in your projects. Our instructor-led interactive on-line training is convenient, effective and always highly rated. With 20 years experience in practical application for clients around the world, as well as extensive involvement in innovation, research and standardization, BRS is the world-recognized leader in the business rule and decision engineering space.


RuleArts is dedicated to support business analysts and business experts to express themselves in a consistent and unambiguous way. Define the terminology of your line of business. See how your terminology relates to other lines of businesses within your organization. Check that your requirements, business rules and guidance use the right terminology. Have a team write business specifications according to a controlled natural language.

RuleXpress by RuleArts offers a multi-user authoring and publishing environment that understands what you write and provides the support you really need. The tool will match your writing with the agreed on pattern, even if you use a plural form or other tense. RuleXpress offers out of the box support for RuleSpeak, SBVR and DMN.


There are many gray areas in the world of business, but implementing clear business direction should not be one of them. Sapiens DECISION allows business users to discover, model, verify, execute and manage business decisions, direction and logic with black & white clarity, transforming the business logic into a centrally controlled, living and strategic asset. DECISION models are validated and tested for integrity and precision, both during their creation and whenever changes are made. Once approved for production, they are either implemented by IT or automatically transformed into executable code. As a hub for the most current Business Logic, Sapiens DECISION is helping Global 1000 companies reduce operational cost and risk, simplify business system implementation and speed up time to market for new products, services and updates. Please visit our LinkedIn: and Twitter:

Watermark Learning

Since 1992, Watermark Learning has delivered training, coaching, and certification preparation in Business AnalysisProject ManagementAgile, BPM, and Influencing Skills. We turn the complexity of industry standards into practical application. Our courses and coaching are laser-focused for the business analyst, project manager, Scrum team member, and process analyst and help ensure enduring results in organizations. Our services are practical and engaging, led by experts who facilitate sessions in an interactive way, making learners energized to learn and motivated to perform.

We have also developed the acclaimed CBAP® Study GuidePMI-PBA Study Guide, Online Study Exams for CBAP, PMP, and PMI-PBA, and numerous others. Our customer service is second to none. We are an IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider, PMI Registered Education Provider, and a Scrum Alliance affiliate. With expert facilitators and world-class curriculum, we are large enough to meet your needs and small enough to care.

bullet Silver Sponsors

ASPE Training

Business Analyst and Agile training from ASPE will enable professionals to maximize their potential. We offer a comprehensive curriculum for all professional levels and provide the most current certification preparation, broad-spectrum training, and specialized courses teaching the critical skills necessary to become effective problem solvers. All BA courses are aligned with the IIBA BABOK and are endorsed by the IIBA & PMI.

Our Agile training and coaching philosophy focuses across the enterprise, not just IT. Courses are highly interactive and offer a hands-on learning approach. Participants will leave training ready to hit the ground running to successfully implement agile methodologies within their own teams, departments and ultimately across their organization.

Each year ASPE trains more than 20,000 people in public and private events, or live online. We are in 90 major North American cities and provide international onsite delivery and self-paced training.

Bob the BA

Hands-on Real World Custom Interactive Training, On-Site Classes, & Event Workshops.

At Bob the BA, we provide our clients with an immersive and experiential approach to Business Analysis training, mentoring, and consulting services. We are a dynamic business analysis company where clients are not only engaged – they experience a greater depth of business analysis knowledge.

Bob the BA is passionate about helping you think, learn, and work differently. Never boring, always engaging, and learning by doing – not by lecture. Bob is a Business Analysis trainer, keynote, motivational speaker, workshops, seminars, facilitator, mentor, and coach with 25+ years experience.

Corporate Education Group

Corporate Education Group (CEG) trains, consults and coaches individuals and teams to help
organizations unlock business value by optimizing employee and organizational performance. Solutions in project management, business analysis, business process management and leadership and
management can be delivered virtually, on site or on demand and tailored to address clients’ specific objectives, for industry relevance or to incorporate existing corporate processes. Through its strategic
alliance with Duke University Management Training, CEG offers premiere certificate programs that build professional credibility with quality training backed by a renowned higher-education institution. CEG is a
Charter Global Registered Education Provider for PMI®, an Endorsed Education Provider for the IIBA® an
APM Group (APMG) Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for PRINCE2®, and a Member of PMI®Global Executive Council.

Visit to learn more or view a schedule of open-enrollment and virtual courses.


Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) is a global leader in application development, empowering the digital transformation organizations need to create and sustain engaging user experiences in today’s evolving marketplace. With offerings spanning web, mobile and data for on-premises and cloud environments, Progress powers startups and industry titans worldwide, promoting success one customer at a time. For information about automating your decision processes with Progress® Corticon®, please visit


Signavio offers a web-based business process management and business decision management integrated solution. This unique combination incorporates business decisions into process models using DMN 1.0, enabling analysis and streamlining for improved risk and compliance management. With the Signavio Process Editor, processes are modeled using BPMN 2.0, ideal for all modeling stages of your BPM initiatives, from process design to optimization. It combines a powerful BPM tool with a user-friendly working environment, which is ideal for professional use.  Our QuickModel (spreadsheet-like process design) does not require experience, as Signavio’s focus is modeling accessibility even for beginners. This, along with multiple sharing and cooperation features, such as the collaboration portal and an intuitive comment function, makes Signavio a pioneer in collaborative process design. What’s more, with the Software as a Service Edition, installation is not needed. You can kick-start your business process management initiative straight away.

bullet Bronze

B2 Training

B2T Training has trained and equipped over 14,500 of the most successful and high performing business analysts in the field since 2000. Our courses are developed and taught by the most respected and highest qualified experts in the industry.

Transforming the way you and your team perform business analysis isn’t a one size fits all approach. And, we understand that your business analysis practice has unique problems and deserves a unique program offering. Using our comprehensive approach, we will identify the pain points that will result in the best opportunity for your team or organization to realize change.
Our learning events include ongoing reflective activities that provide students the boost they need to sustain their learning and competency, We Make It Stick.

We Get It. We’ll Help You Get It Too. B2T Training is an endorsed education provider for the IIBA® and a registered education provider for PMI®


Capsicum offers an innovative platform for modelling strategically aligned business architectures as a basis for model-driven software engineering.

Our mission is to help organisations implement enterprise technology more effectively by reinventing the design process for business applications. Deploying enterprise applications is complex, expensive and risky. The complexity starts with defining and designing a business solution in a precise and unambiguous manner. Most requirement and design artefacts are unstructured, inconsistent, one-off deliverables. A typical software engineering specification is often a mountain of paper that is imprecise, quickly out-of-date and rarely reusable beyond the project duration.

We offer a methodology and toolset for developing precise and flexible models of a business operation in the form of an enterprise “ontology”, which explains the semantics of the business and guides the development of enterprise applications. In much the same way that traditional manufacturing processes rely on detailed engineering specifications and drawings, our models provide similarly detailed precision for software designs.

Jalapeno, our interactive modelling platform is a dynamic business architecture framework that provides business and technology stakeholders with comprehensive explanations of how a business operates. We protect business analysis investments in a comprehensive, fully integrated and aligned conceptual model; an enduring, incremental repository of enterprise knowledge.

Jalapeno domain models are highly reusable, meaning that large parts of any model will provide a reusable template for other organisations in the same industry. We have developed a growing library of reusable domain models mapped to industry standards and reference models for the Finance, Health, Government and Media industries.


FlexRule is a Business Rules and Decision platform that enables intelligent, integrated Business Processes

FlexRule’s common Business and IT language, covering business, decision, rules and data logic, means that nothing is lost in translation. Business People get what they need and IT can deliver fast in a robust, tested and secure environment.

What sets FlexRule apart is:

  • A three layered approach of Business Logic, Decision Logic and Business Rules.

  • Support for Decision Model and Notation – DMN (Decision Requirement Diagram – DRD, Boxed expressions…)

  • Spreadsheet style advanced Decision Table which business people quickly grasp.

  • Natural Language and Tree & Sub-Tree Logic

  • Advanced Data Handling Capabilities, Monadic View, in memory data operations, join, filter, project, etc

  • Dynamic Platform that doesn’t require compiling and re-deployment of application code.

  • Single click deployment of logic, decisions and rules as REST API Service

  • Direct .NET Integration

  • Built-in Regression and Unit Testing framework

  • Role Based permission management

  • Version control and change management

  • Advanced IDE for authoring and testing models with debugging and simulating capabilities

  • Ready-to-use web-based (pure JavaScript) components for developers to enable view/edit of models on web/mobile applications

FlexRule’s global customers are leveraging these capabilities to achieve outstanding value at a much lower total cost.

Leonardo Consulting

Leonardo is a consulting firm specialising in Business Process Management Enterprise Architecture, and the Technology that supports these disciplines. We’ve 15 years’ experience of high quality service delivery across APAC, the Middle East and North America. We provide customers with value added service of an international network of thought leaders, technology partners and progressive business methodologies. Leonardo has a strong track-record working with large enterprises from a wide spectrum of businesses in the public / private sectors in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the Arab States.

  • 17 years of extensive regional, national and internal partnerships & business relationships

  • Solid track-record in BPM/EA projects and associated tools with large enterprises since 1999

  • Experienced team of expert consultants from 10 countries speaking 14 languages

  • Strong focus on process-centric business methodologies

  • Commitment to building your business capabilities

Requirements Experts

Good requirements, defining what we want to buy, build, or modify, are essential to project success.  No matter how good a manager we are, if we have bad requirements, our projects risk being over budget, behind schedule, missing expectations or worse case, all three. For over 25 years, companies, organizations and governmental agencies have looked to Requirements Experts ( when they need help with defining and managing product and statement of work requirements.  Whether this help is in the form of training, technical writing, consulting services or partnering, Requirements Experts has the solutions to help teams and companies navigate the many challenges associated with scope and requirements. At Requirements Experts, our core competency is requirements.  Whatever approach you follow, Agile, Waterfall or a hybrid, our team of experienced consultants can provide you with the knowledge, tools and techniques for effective requirement elicitation, analysis, documentation and management. Visit us at

RMC Business Analysis Learning Solutions

Founded by Rita Mulcahy in 1991, RMC Learning Solutions is the worldwide innovator in business analysis, project management, agile, and management skills training and professional development. Since 1991, hundreds of thousands of people have utilized RMC’s professional development resources, classes and e-Learning courses to expand their knowledge and further their careers. Today, RMC offers a wide range of innovative classes and products for beginning and experienced project managers, business analysts and agile practitioners seeking skills development, tools training, advanced concept reinforcement or an internationally-recognized certification.

Serving both individual and organizational clients, RMC’s complete line of services includes live training, self-directed e-learning, books and software, coaching, project-based consulting, training needs evaluation, skills development, learning customization, organizational transformation and executive briefing. RMC offers these services in 60 regions around the globe, and in 18 native languages. In addition, RMC supports certification preparation training for a wide range of professional designations.

bullet Showcase Sponsors


Rulesmatix specializes in implementing business rules solutions using innovative development techniques. Our consultants have extensive experience in the architecture, design, development and implementation of complex business systems using business rules. Our experience and exemplary track record of delivering business-critical systems using business rules using commercial and open source rules engines is a key asset. We have in depth knowledge of commercial engines internals and their APIs which we consistently use to develop reusable templates and numerous utilities around rules repositories reducing the development time and increased productivity.

With our extensive hand-on experience, we have successfully mentored clients’ staff primarily focusing on Business Rules “Best Practices” for Business Rules design, development, testing and troubleshooting. Our services include helping select business rules engine, design and development of business rules repositories, creating proof of concept, automating rules development and testing processes, setting up “best practices” and mentoring and reviewing business rules repositories.

bullet Table Top Display Sponsors

CM First

For companies who need to enhance, update, or rewrite their legacy mainframe applications, CM First has developed software that produces an 80% reduction in project costs. Unlike our competition, we scale to millions of lines of code and tens of thousands of compiled programs, jobs, and tables, with compiler grade accuracy. We use code slicing technology to present a new way of navigating code. For system integrators with large mainframe practices who need to compete with low cost competitors, our tools increase project margins and improve project estimation accuracy. Our software can save a company millions on a yearly IT budget.


IRIS Business Architect is an enterprise business architecture software application that enables Architects to align and execute their corporation’s business strategies. Compliant with the BIZBOK® Guide, IRIS Business Architect enables full modeling and artifact creation across your entire meta-model. From Business Strategy and motivations, customer journeys and value streams down into business capabilities and their organizational, technology and information enablers, IRIS Business Architect provides rich management functionality to continually reflect the demands and change on your business architecture. IRIS Business Architect also complies with TOGAF, BMM, BPMN, BABOK and BMC standards.

IRIS Business Architect is used in financial institutions, government organizations, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, entertainment, logistics & transport companies, and non-profit organizations among others. IRIS Business Architect is part of the IRIS Enterprise Software Suite created and developed by the folks at Benchmark.


OpenRules, Inc. is a NJ-based corporation that develops, supports, and provides consulting and training services around its highly popular Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System commonly known as "OpenRules." OpenRules is oriented to business analysts allowing them to work in concert with developers to create and maintain enterprise-level Business Rules Repositories for complex Decision Management Systems. It utilizes the power of MS Excel, Google Docs, and Eclipse IDE. OpenRules support Executable Decision Models created in accordance with the latest DMN standard.

OpenRules is used for years by major international financial corporations, insurers, healthcare providers, and large government agencies for multi-transactional decision support applications. Along with a highly efficient rule engine, OpenRules includes: 

  • Rule Dialog allows non-programmers to create intelligent Web-based questionnaires

  • Rule Solver integrates Business Rules with Constraint Programming and other Optimization technologies

  • Rule Learner utilizes different Machine Learning tools for rules discovery and predictive analytics.

Purdue University

Purdue’s online graduate programs for working professionals feature Computer Information Technology MS degrees in IT Project Management and IT Business Analysis. Move your career forward and earn a respected Master of Science while gaining real world skills through a 100% online PMI® based curriculum. Industry experienced faculty deliver skills and techniques project managers can apply to every phase of the project lifecycle, and teach analysts to bridge the business and IT functions of an organization. Applications currently being reviewed, start dates available in the Spring and Fall, no GRE.


Trisotech offers highly visual and interactive software tools that help organizations innovate, transform and improve their operations. We bring strategies, design and technology together to provide insight for business and IT in the digital enterprise age. Trisotech is a global leader in digital enterprise solutions, with its innovative and easy-to-use software suite that allows customers to discover, model, analyze and find insights into their digital enterprise. Our customers use The Digital Enterprise Suite to provide new and revolutionary ways for their knowledge workers to collaborate and succeed in an increasingly global, connected and competitive world. Trisotech was selected as one of the Top 20 BPM products (CIO magazine, March 2015) and one of the Top 20 EA products (CIO magazine, July 2015). Trisotech products are enabling visualization, innovation, transformation and continuous improvement into manufacturing, financial, healthcare, in surance, energy, distribution, government, and many other types of organizations.

UBC Continuing Studies

UBC Continuing Studies offers the award-winning, 100% online UBC Certificate in Business Analysis and is an Endorsed Education Provider™ of IIBA®. Specializing in business and technology management, UBC Continuing Studies provides flexible and innovative professional education opportunities for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills in areas including:

  • Business Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Program Management

  • Digital Strategy

  • Digital Analytics

University of California, Irvine Extension

UCI Division of Continuing Education offers dozens of online certificate programs to help adult learners reach their career advancement and personal enrichment goals. Stand out in today's competitive job market with a certificate that bears the University of California seal, representing an uncompromising standard of academic excellence.

The following programs are offered fully online:

  • Business Analyst: Focus on the analytical thinking, problem solving and communications skills required to be an effective Business Analyst in today's solutions-driven business environment.

  • Lean Six Sigma (Green & Black Belts): Unite product and process excellence with goals such as improving customer service and/or enhancing shareholder value creation.

  • Business Process Optimization: Identify business improvement needs, set process optimization goals and monitor the deployment and effectiveness of the efforts.

bullet Bookstore Sponsors

The Official Bookstore of Building Business Capability 2016!

The Official Bookstore of Building Business Capability 2016!

Be sure to stop by the official BBC 2016 Conference Bookstore for some of the best-and most popular-Business Analysis books available. Browse a wide range of titles in all areas of Business Analysis including Fundamentals, Requirements, Certification Prep, Enterprise Architecture, Process Modeling, Business Rules, Communication, Leadership, Risk Management, Real-World Techniques, and much more. We will also host author book signings for a number of conference presenters and speakers, and all books will be available at a significant discount from List Price. Please watch for book signing announcements during the conference, or stop by the bookstore for a complete schedule! For more information, please contact:


bullet Media Sponsors (Business Architecture Institute) is the online community for business architecture professionals to stay abreast of the latest industry news, trends and the best place for you to attain the skills need for career growth and success. makes earning your Business Architecture Professional (BAIP) certificate easier than you might imagine. Offering you a mix of in-person, live, online, or on-demand courses to choose from, you can take the required eight courses as quickly as you want, and with whatever delivery method you prefer. Become a member today and learn more about earning your BAIP at: (Business Process Management Institute) is recognized as an industry leader in delivering the skills and knowledge business professionals need to drive innovation in their enterprise-and their career. is the natural choiice for practitioners of all skill levels to get industry-leading content, training, and certification to advance their professional growth. Offering you a mix of in-person, live, online, or on-demand courses to choose from you can earn your BPMP certificate as quickly as you want, and with whatever delivery method you prefer. Become a member and learn more about earning your certificate or becoming certified at:


BPTrends ( is the primary source of business intelligence for business executives and process change practitioners around the globe. Industry thought leaders provide analysis and opinion on trends, directions and best practices relating to all aspects of business process management. BPTrends is the most comprehensive, in-depth business process management resource devoted to educating and informing the market. The BPTrends BP Tools Reports are the most widely read reports on BP software tools available and our BPTrends Surveys are widely quoted. With over 20,000 members, BPTrends is the largest community of BP Professionals in the world. BPTrends Associates provides BPM professional services to organizations, assisting them in the planning, architecting, designing, measuring and managing of their business processes.

Business Analyst Times

Business Analyst Times has become the ultimate destination for the ever-growing Business Analyst community.

Our team keeps the site consistently updated with in-depth articles, blogs, whitepapers and webinars, ensuring that BA Times is at the forefront of relevant content surrounding all developments regarding business/systems analysis, CBAP Certification, industry events and cutting-edge BA insights. Most importantly, BA Times is committed to the advancement and recognition of the Business Analyst Community.

Business Rules Community

Business Rules Community, sponsored by Business Rule Solutions, LLC (BRS), is a vertical, non-commercial community for business rule professionals. BRCommunity provides articles, commentary, discussion areas, and a variety of other valuable hands-on resources, and is home to the Business Rules Journal, which appears there free-of-charge. is much more than simply an on-line publication. With the help of a talented staff and generous supporters, it has grown into the place to be for business rules. Join today free-of-charge!

CIO Review

CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Published from Fremont, California, CIOReview is an excellent platform for the enterprise to showcase their innovative solutions. is the premier online community and publication for business analysts and related professionals such as systems analysts, data analysts, functional designers, product managers, architects, and many more.

With the focus on the practitioner, features free articles, blogs, live and archived webinars, and many other resources to help the professional business analyst succeed in their career and continue to grow in the knowledge and skills needed for the future.

Join to stay up to date on the latest trends and information pertinent to your success.

Project Times

Project Times has become the ultimate destination for the ever-growing PM community.

Our team keeps the site consistently updated with in-depth articles, blogs, whitepapers, templates, and webinars, ensuring that PM Times is at the forefront of relevant content surrounding all developments regarding project management, PMI Certification, industry events, and cutting-edge PM insights. Most importantly, PM Times is committed to the advancement and recognition of the PM Community.

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