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Why Whole Teams Should Attend the Business Rules & Decisions Forum ...

One of the most effective ways to make the most of the Business Rules & Decisions Forum and BBC is for a whole team, or representatives of it, to attend. Shared learning, common understanding of the technology and practices, and the ability to attend all the various conferences make for a great value. Teams signed up together earn a substantial discount!

Who ...

  • Everyone on a small team

  • Representatives from every group or background on a large team

  • A group from a Center of Excellence

Learn how you can ...

  • Collaborate effectively around business rules and decisions

  • Simplify processes by externalizing business logic

  • Create agile business solutions

  • Dramatically improve your requirements process

  • Create an architecture for continuous change

Find out from the real-life experiences of others about ...

  • What works and what doesn't

  • How to gain buy-in

  • How to run your project or initiative successfully

  • How and where to apply the technology most effectively

  • Work side-by-side to make it all happen

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