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Business Rules & Decisions Forum | Achieving True Business Agility

Why You Should Attend the Business Rules & Decisions Forum
Case Studies, Case Studies, Case Studies!

The Forum program is jam-packed with case studies presented by the actual people from real-life businesses who actually undertook them. Here are just a few of the companies who presented in the past:

AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Dell Financial Services, Delta Dental, Equifax, Freddie Mac, the IRS, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Travelers Insurance, Walt Disney World, Washington Mutual, and many more.

Business Rules and Rule Technology are at the forefront of fast-moving innovations in business and IT. Learn from actual practitioners how your business and its IT practices can keep the pace. At the Forum Conferences you will find practical answers for ...

Business Agility ...

  • Reducing to near-zero the time-to-configuration for complex, highly customized product/services

  • Scripting dynamic get-to-the-point collaborations

  • Business rules—'smart cards' for business processes

  • Engineering "smart" agreements, permits, licenses, bids, offers, etc

  • Building practical knowledge companions for line workers

Dynamic Decisioning ...

  • Making operational business decisions explainable and repeatable

  • Achieving pervasive, multi-channel consistency

  • Test-driving alternative policy scenarios

  • Handling the exceptional, the unforeseen, and the opportunistic

  • Leveraging human discretion in knowledge-rich environments

Revenue Opportunities ...

  • Cross-selling

  • Campaigning

  • Business IP as an asset

  • Entering the bid/ask economy

Customer Satisfaction ...

  • Ensuring contractual obligations are met via rules

  • Guaranteeing fulfillment accuracy in real-time

  • Dynamic requirement satisfaction

  • Managing stakeholder expectations and sensitivities

Robust Compliance ...

  • Creating real-time, hands-on accountability

  • Compliance that is architecturally 'built-in'

  • SOX-proofing the organization—proving what might have happened did not happen ... and what might not have happened did happen

  • Ensuring corporate officers meet fiduciary responsibilities

  • Why compliance is not a process-improvement issue

  • Retooling operational governance

Competitive Advantage ...

  • Enabling comprehensively customized product/service configuration

  • Increasing mind-share and market-share at the touch-points of customer service

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Fast-pacing interactions across value chains

  • Turning insights from data into action faster than the competition

  • Enabling pragmatic, real-time risk management

  • Moving toward proactive rather than reactive origination of business policy

The Forum is where the future of Operational Business Engineering is taking shape today!

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